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Business Loan Interest Rates

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Loan Eligibility
  • - Limited or Private Limited Company
  • - Partnership or Proprietorship Firm.
  • - Chartered Accountant/Self Employed Professional.
Documents Required:
  • 1. Application form with photograph.
  • 2. A Photograph of Co-Applicant (if any).
  • 3. Income Details: IT returns, Balance sheet & P/L account statement for the last 2 years.
  • 4. Annexure, Form 16 A.
  • 5. Bank account statement for the last 3 months.
  • 6. KYC documents of Co-applicant.
  • 7. Business vintage for 5 years.

Business Loan – Low interest rate
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For any successful organisation, financial flow acts as the life supply in all levels of growth. To start up a new business or facilitate the rapid growth of an existing business, most business organizations will need a substantial amount of working capital. You always require an influx of finances while scaling up.
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A business loan is provided based on the company’s income and capacity and you avail it in the company’s name.